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visualize hipster coffee machines

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A visualizer for .shot files

Front-end stack

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Decent Visualizer

Ruby Tests

A visualizer for .shot files created by the Decent Espresso Machine.

Visualizer is a relatively standard Ruby on Rails application with a Postgres database.

Read all about the v2 version, and feel free to join Visualizer Forum.



There is an API available. If something you would like is not there, please open a new Issue detailing your wishes.

You can read the source code or the API documentation provided by @eriklenaerts.

Authenticatication is possible via OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow with read, upload, and write scopes.
The difference between upload and write is that upload is only for uploading shots, and write is for everything. This enables you to have a "low danger" scope, so that even if a token is stolen, the worst that can happen is that the attacker can upload shots. But they won't be able to delete them.
All endpoints return JSON.

If you want to create OAuth applications please contact me.


  • Ruby (Check [.ruby-version](.ruby-version) for specific version)
    • Bundler (gem install bundler)
  • Postgres (>= 12)
  • Redis (>= 6)


  • Install Ruby gems shell $ bundle install
  • Setup database shell $ ./bin/rails db:setup
  • Running the server shell $ ./bin/dev
  • Running the tests shell $ ./bin/rails test

Getting help

If you have questions, concerns, bug reports, etc., please open a new GitHub Issue.

Getting involved

If you're a coffee fanatic, own a Decent Espresso machine, want to learn Ruby, or want to help in whatever way you can, you're more than welcome to get involved!

But please read the [Contribution Guidelines](CONTRIBUTING.md) first 😊