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Upcase is a Rails application deployed to Heroku.
This project is in maintenance mode and is not being actively developed.


Rules of the road

This project is now following Sandi Metz's Rules.

You can read a description of the rules here.

All new code should follow these rules. If you make changes in a pre-existing
file that violates these rules you should fix the violations as part of
your work.


  1. Get the code.

    % git clone [email protected]:thoughtbot/upcase.git
  2. Setup your environment.

    % bin/setup
  3. Start Foreman.

    % foreman start
  4. Verify that the app is up and running.

    % open http://localhost:5000/upcase

Designing In The Browser

We are using https://github.com/guard/guard-livereload and
https://github.com/johnbintz/rack-livereload. When you save a file, the open
browser will automatically refresh, and you can view your changes.

Run bundle exec guard to start the guard server to auto refresh your browser.


  1. Look for cards in the Next Up list.
  2. When you start a card, add yourself and move the card to the In Progress list.
  3. When opening a pull request, move the card to the Code Review list and ask in Slack for a review.
  4. Once the review is complete, merge into master as usual. Wait for CI to finish running the build.
  5. Once CI is finished running the build, it will deploy to staging. Move the card to On Staging for acceptance at this time. Comment on the card with acceptance instructions. Include a URL to staging. Ask in Slack for acceptance.

In order to avoid bottlenecks and confusion:

  • Try to only work on one card at a time. Bring all the way from Next Up to Verified on staging as quickly as possible.
  • Prioritize reviewing others' work, both during code reviews and acceptance on staging.
  • Feel free to be persistent when looking for reviews and acceptance.

For more information, check out the guides and Playbook.

Continuous Integration

CI is hosted with CircleCI. The
build is run automatically whenever any branch is updated on Github.


  • Run test suite before committing to the master branch.

    % rake
  • Reset development data as needed.

    % rake dev:prime
  • Dump production data into your local db. (Note that you need to drop your
    local database first).

    % rake db:drop
    % heroku pg:pull DATABASE_URL upcase_development -r production
  • To test that adding/removing GitHub users works, use the GitHub user

Amazon AWS S3

To test integration with AWS S3, set the following environment variables:



CircleCI deploys to staging automatically when a build passes on master.

Once your changes have been verified on staging, deploy to production:

./bin/deploy production

Sending email on staging

We override the recipient on staging to be ENV['EMAIL_RECIPIENTS'] so that no
one else can receive email from the staging server.

We have it set to [email protected], which is a mailing list.
Instead of changing the variable, ask to be put on the mailing list.

To set it:

heroku config:set EMAIL_[email protected],[email protected] -r staging

To see what the current recipient is:

heroku config:get EMAIL_RECIPIENTS -r staging

Viewing email in development

To preview how emails look in the browser without having to send them (via
staging) you can visit the rails mailer preview index and navigate to the
emails that have preview classes implemented.

To preview the emails point your browser to
http://localhost:5000/rails/mailers and select the mailer there.

Product Management

Check the Upcase processes repository for guides on where to find and how to
do common tasks like customer support, content production, related repositories
and trello boards, and others.

Admin Access

  1. Register on the Upcase site.

  2. Update your user.

    % heroku run console -r production
    % user = User.find_by_email('[email protected]')
    % user.admin = true
    % user.save!
    % exit
  3. Access the general admin panel or
    the workshop admin panel.

Testing With User Accounts

The rake dev:prime task will create user accounts that you can test with in
development mode.



This application is maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc

Thank you to all the contributors!

The names and logos for Upcase and thoughtbot are registered trademarks of
thoughtbot, inc.


This application is Copyright © 2007 thoughtbot, inc.

If you submit a Contribution to this application's source code, you hereby grant
to thoughtbot, inc. a worldwide, royalty-free, exclusive, perpetual and
irrevocable license, with the right to grant or transfer an unlimited number of
non-exclusive licenses or sublicenses to third parties, under the Copyright
covering the Contribution to use the Contribution by all means, including but
not limited to:

  • to publish the Contribution,
  • to modify the Contribution, to prepare Derivative Works based upon or containing the Contribution and to combine the Contribution with other software code,
  • to reproduce the Contribution in original or modified form,
  • to distribute, to make the Contribution available to the public, display and publicly perform the Contribution in original or modified form.