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SmartVPN Billing

billing management for hosting

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Billing and auth system for VPN provider

Front-end stack

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SmartVPN Billing

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This repo contains just billing system for SmartVPN project.
All further documentation in this repo relates only to billing system.

If you are looking for general documentation about the whole SmartVPN please visit Mehonoshin/smartvpn repo.

Docker image

The docker image is built automatically on every merge to master. You can always pull the latest version of the image from Docker Hub.

docker pull mexx/smartvpn-billing

For more information about the builds visit docker hub page mexx/smartvpn-billing

Contribution guidelines


Development setup

Set Up and Running app locally

  1. Clone repo git clone [email protected]:Mehonoshin/smartvpn-billing.git
  2. cd smartvpn-billing
  3. cp config/database.yml.sample config/database.yml and enter the username and password for access to your database.
  4. cp .env.sample .env
  5. The file .env contains all the env variables used in the application.
  6. bundle install
  7. rake db:setup
  8. rails server

Start Up and Developing with Docker

  1. Clone repo git clone [email protected]:Mehonoshin/smartvpn-billing.git
  2. cd smartvpn-billing
  3. docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml up
  4. cp .env.sample .env
  5. Edit your SECRET_TOKEN in .env
  6. Go to

How to run usual RoR command into docker
1. docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml up
2. docker-compose exec app bash - connect to running container as named app
3. RAILS_ENV=test ./bin/rake db:setup - setup test database
4. ./bin/rails console - run rails console
5. RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rspec spec - start rspec tests

How it works :)

Admin access

Other accounts created during seeding can be found at:
* Admins
* Users