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Web interface for deployments

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Web interface for deployments, with plugin architecture and kubernetes support

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Samson is a web interface for deployments. Live Demo
It is currently in maintenance mode (bugfix, but no new features) because we are migrating off it.

View the current status of all your projects:

Allow anyone to watch deploys as they happen:

View all recent deploys across all projects:

Deployment Workflow

Create a project and 1 or more stages (staging/production etc),
then selects a version and start the deploy.

Samson will:
- clone git repository
- execute commands associated with the stage (or execute API calls for kubernetes)
- stream deploy output to everybody who wants to watch
- persist deploy output for future review


  • MySQL, Postgresql, or SQLite
  • Ruby (see .ruby-version)
  • Git (>= 1.7.2)



Issues and Pull Requests are always welcome, submit your idea!


Use of this software is subject to important terms and conditions as set forth in the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file