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Create an online publication with automatic email newsletters.

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Listed is a minimal blogging platform ideal for publishing a public journal or sharing domain specific knowledge. Writers can publish directly from the comforts of Standard Notes and readers can subscribe to new articles via email.

Listed is unopinionated about fonts, widths, and colors, and instead defers to the reader's system settings to provide a familiar experience.


Generate an author code on to get started.


How to style your blog with custom CSS:

1. Create a new note in Standard Notes, and call it listed_styles.css (name doesn't matter).

2. Use the following metadata structure, followed by some CSS, then publish the note to your blog.

metatype: css

html, body {
    font-family: "Avenir Next", sans-serif;
    color: #37424F;

h1 a, h2 a, h3 a, h4 a {
    color: #37424F !important;

.post-content {
    color: #37424F !important;

#author-header .bio {
    opacity: 1.0;

How to specify post date and canonical URL:

You can change the date that appears on your post, or set a canonical URL if you're importing a post from another location (such as Medium).

1. Use the following metadata structure at the beginning of your note:

created_at: 2017-11-20 17:08:05

Your story...`


How to run application locally

To run the application locally, after cloning the repo follow these steps:

yarn install --pure-lockfile
bundle exec rails db:migrate
bundle exec rails db:seed
gem install bundler && bundle install
yarn build:dev
rails s -p 3009

Now the application should be running on http://localhost:3009 and webpack-dev-server should be watching source files and recompiling as you make changes in your code to allow live reloading.

How to run locally with Docker

To run the application locally you have to install Docker and type the following:

cp .env.sample .env
docker-compose up -d

Now the application should be running on http://localhost:3000