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Ghostlight Folio is a simple database for managing various aspects of a theatrical production


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Ghostlight Folio

What is it?

Ghostlight Folio is a simple application designed to help theatrical stage managers and directors keep track of the various aspects of the shows they work on.

The idea is that a user will be able to use the Show database to find a show they want to produce, then once they have created their Production of that show,
they will be able to add cast members and assign them to Roles. We will also support Scenes (and maybe Acts) as well as Things (props, tools, scenery)
which can be assoicated with Roles and Scenes. It might be necessary to support more granular timestamps within scenes.

Eventually I would really like to provide some kind of tool for handling blocking. The idea is to have a grid of the stage with the ability to assign characters
and things to positions on the stage. It would be nifty if that could be done via drag-and-drop, but that might not be strictly necessary.

How to use it

This code is going to be open-source and publicly available but I am also planning to host my own version which will be available for use.

Project Roadmap

  • Database of Shows
  • Allow for instances of shows Productions
  • Allow People to be assigned to Roles and Scenes within Productions
  • Plan for drag-and-drop blocking behavior for Scenes

Early Tasks

  • Start with the ability to add and edit top-level Show records which will allow crowdsourcing of show data
  • Attach Role or some similar record to Show and give it searchable characteristics
  • Add search

  • Add Production model which will allow for instances of shows to be used


  • Ruby 3.0.2
  • Rails 6.1.4
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Hotwire (Turbo and Stimulus)


Logo is derived from works on the Noun Project by Robert A. Di Ieso and Mohamed Mb