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EasyRaceLapTimer is a complete open source IR lap time tracker all-in-one solution for FPV racing quads.

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What you get with EasyRaceLaptimer:


  • host system for tracking the laps
  • IR transponders (code & schematic files for building them) with a transmitting range of 2 to 4 meters
  • 63 available transponder IDs when using the project transponders
  • changing the ID via a push button on the transponder, no additional programming required (started with version 0.3.1 of the transponders)
  • update transponders with new code (Arduino hardware needed)
  • setup guide for building your Raspberry PI host station
  • the host station is also a WiFi access point to change configs etc on the fly
  • monitoring mode, you can watch the stats with your mobile phones
  • add your own team logo to the monitoring mode
  • detailed stats about pilots and races
  • sound effects for various events in a race
  • TCP/IP and serial connections support for receiving lap times and commands from other time tracking systems
  • export race events to PDF
  • standard practice/ time trial mode
  • competition mode for racing events with time penalties (satellites needed)
  • automatic restarting of a race session after a specified idle time
  • and much more comming soon

Important notices

EasyRaceLapTimer works basicly with any IR transponder, as long as you provide code for interpreting the IR pulses. Just have a look at the ir_daemon tool.

Be sure to use the full size of your SD card on the Raspberry PI

sudo raspi-config

Important information

The documentation for the project can be found in the /docs directory.
There's also a huge RCGroups thread with lots of answered questions, images etc.

Version 0.5.x

You can download a SD card image for the PI of EasyRaceLapTimer on the following pages:


There's also an introduction video to the system.

file structure

documentation of nearly every part of the package


the rails application


all arduino sketches


the cpp daemon for receiving the IR pulses


schematic files and more for transponders etc.


fetch the source via git with the following command

git clone [email protected]:polyvision/EasyRaceLapTimer.git

more details of each indivial package can be found in the docs folder



The complete project uses the GPL V3 license

development and sponsoring by AirBirds

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