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Short Version

First things first, Strap your computer’s development environment.



bash ~/Downloads/
rm -f ~/Downloads/
git clone
cd website
source ~/.bash_profile
overcommit --install

Scripts to Rule Them All

The CrimethInc. website uses the Scripts to Rule Them All pattern.
See also:

/script is a collection of scripts for development on an macOS computer.
Development setup on a Windows or Linux computer will likely vary.

If any of these scripts fail for you, file an issue
with as much detail about your setup and any errors you got from the script, and we’ll try to fix whatever’s happening.

Development Scripts

The rest of these instructions assume that you’ve strapped your computer already. If you haven’t, you’ll need to install somethings manually. (But really, you’re better off using Strap.)

  • Homebrew
  • Homebrew taps and extensions
  • Xcode command line tools
  • Postgres launchctl (for setup script)

Bootstrap script

The bootstrap script is the first time development environment configuration for this app.
You should only need to run this script once.
It will install the proper Ruby and PostgreSQL database versions.

Clone this repo.

git clone
cd website

Then run the bootstrap script.


Setup script

After you’ve bootstraped, you’ll need to setup.
The setup setups the Rails environment (creates, migrates and seeds databases, then clears logs and tmp).


Server script

The server script starts the Rails server on port 3000 (which uses Puma).


Update script

Periodically, you can run the update script to check for new versions of dependencies and to update the database schema. If you ever get a PendingMigrationError, run this script to migrate your database.


Test script

Run the test suite using the test script.


Test server script

To run a process which runs tests on file change


Console script

If you need to use the app’s console (in any environment), use the console script.


If you need to use the console on a remote instance of the app, specific its environment name as the first argument.

./script/console production


./script/console staging

CI Build script

Setup environment for CI to run tests. This is primarily designed to run on the continuous integration server.


Database seed script

Drop the database, rebuild it, and fill it with seed data.


How to guides…

Additional documentaion



If you find bugs, have feature requests or questions, please
file an issue.

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting in all of CrimethInc. codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms, and mailing lists is expected to follow the
CrimethInc. development code of conduct.



Your heart is as free as the air you breathe. \
The ground you stand on is liberated territory.

In legal text, CrimethInc. website is dedicated to the public domain
using Creative Commons — CC0 1.0 Universal.