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CoinFi is the cryptocurrency market intelligence platform.


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The Cryptocurrency Market Intelligence Platform

The CoinFi Platform

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Crowdsourced and Curated Real-Time News Database

The CoinFi database will enable users to monitor and analyze real-time crypto market news alongside price charts in ways that are currently impossible with existing tools. It changes the current delivery frequency of market news from delayed, to near real-time.

Historical News and Impact on Price Movements

For an investor, especially one new to the cryptocurrency space, the ability to identify correlations between news and historical price movements is crucial to gaining an understanding of the markets. The ability to quickly review a price chart and correlate market movements with relevant news adds tremendous value for traders.

Institutional Class Trading Signals

There are multiple proprietary trading signals our team is looking to build based on models used by high frequency hedge funds.

While CoinFi will seed the platform with internally developed quantitative models, the platform will also allow traders to share and monetize their own trading signals, applying the wisdom of the crowds to quantitative modelling in the crypto space.

Institutional Class Trading Algorithms

There also exist multiple trading algorithms our team will develop based on models used by high frequency hedge funds, including identifying best price execution exchange, trade cloaking for high volume inflows/outflows on illiquid tokens, sniper algorithms for obtaining liquidity, and more.

For more details, please see the CoinFi white paper.


This app uses Webpack (via Webpacker) and Babel in order to make use of modern JS, so don't forget to run bin/webpack-dev-server when developing locally.
If you're deploying to Heroku, ensure you have the heroku/nodejs and heroku/ruby buildpacks configured (in that order).

Coding style guide

In the project root you'll find an .eslintrc.json and .stylelintrc.json, so for for JS development please ensure you're using the following extensions:

  • ESLint
  • Prettier