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Open-source is now fun and rewarding!

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What can be measured, can be improved!

Everyone knows that running is a great exercise. However, by using a wearable like the Fitbit™ to measure your activity, it has motivated people to run regularly.

CodeCuriosity aims to be the Fitbit™ for open-source contributions

Code Curiosity is a platform to encourage open source contribution, build a cohesive and collaborative open source community and reward open source contributors across the world. It measures open-source contributions (code commits, issues and comments) and gives points that can be redeemed against Github or Amazon Gift Cards!

CodeCuriosity aims to reward everyone (experts or newbies) and everything (minor changes to features).

Out of the 30M+ open-source developers on Github, if we can motivate even a fraction to contribute more, we are sure we can make the open-soure community more vibrant and rewarding! We reward open-source contributions from our own pocket, so "The more money we lose, the more the open-source community gains."

Are you or your company interested in supporting CodeCuriosity?

If you or your company wants to support this cause, please contact us at [email protected].

You do not have to donate any money! We would expect you to pledge an amount in USD and fulfill redemption requests from registered CodeCuriosity users. Here is the list of companies that are supporting this cause:

What is CodeCuriosity all about?

Here are some questions that should help you get going. A lot more questions that are answered in the FAQ.

Who should use CodeCuriosity?

Everyone who contributes to open source. It's not only fun but you're also making a difference! Since all commits are rewarded and everyone (experts and newbies alike) is rewarded, it's always encouraging. There are so many repository owners that are looking out for help from developers and CodeCuriosity not only helps you help others but also rewards you while doing it. It's about having your cake and eating it too!.

How does it work?

We gamify open source contributions.

  • Sign-up with your GitHub account on CodeCuriosity. After that, we do the rest!
  • The system analyses your commits and activities and they are automatically scored and shown on your dashboard.
  • Choose your monthly goal and try to achieve it.
  • Every month-end, the cumulative scores are added to your wallet and if you have achieved your goal, you get bonus points!

What are points and how do they work?

Points are the scores you have accumulated for your contributions. You can redeem these points for Github or Amazon Gift cards. We also support other stores and if you send us details, we shall ensure you get rewarded!

New to Open Source and don't know where to start?

Don't worry! Start with Code Triage. It's a very good way to choose which language and repositories you want to contribute to. It sends you some GitHub issues that you can look at everyday!

Still too complex for you? Start by reading and contributing back some documentation at DocsDoctor.

Contributing to CodeCuriosity

If you have some cool ideas, comments or feedback - you can mail us at [email protected].

We don't have a Slack / IRC channel or mailing list yet -- we shall work on it soon.

To contribute to code, fork this repository, raise issues, suggest features and help us make the change!

To test this locally,

  • create .env.<environment> file based on your environment i.e .env.development, .env.production. For local development, use .env.local
  • Add github app id and secret to .env.<environment> file. Refer env.sample