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Brainstormer is a fun tool that helps people come up with ideas together remotely.


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Brainstormer is a fun tool that helps people come up with ideas together remotely.

It is created with the intention to make it easier for facilitators to facilitate brainstorms. I've tried to achieve that by:

  • keeping a low barrier of entry for participants - there's no signup needed, and participants get descriptions of what to do at every step
  • Making the whole process tailored, so that you as a facilitator doesn't have to come up with how to do the brainstorm, but you can focus on the problem you want solved
  • giving the whole experience a light and fun feel, since I believe that state of mind produces better ideas

You can try out Brainstomer online at

Open source

The source code of Brainstormer is open source under the GNU General Public License v3.0

That means that you can fork this project and use it however you wish, as long as you make any modifications to this source code available as open source under the same license.


The project is using ruby on rails and tailwind. That means that you will need to have rails and ruby installed on your machine.

You need to make sure that you have the correct versions of ruby and rails.

If you don't have postgres installed, you will need to do that. You can do that with brew:

brew install postgres

Then you can create the database with:

rails db:setup

Install js dependencies

npm install

Install redis

brew install redis

Start the local server

You can install foreman in order to run rails server, redis, sidekiq and webpacker locally with one command, run:

gem install foreman

foreman start -f

Otherwise you can run these commands separately:

rails server




How to contribute?

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