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A free, open source, self-hosted customer feedback tool 🦊


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To login as administrator:
email: [email protected] | pass: password

What is Astuto?

Astuto is a free, open source, self-hosted customer feedback tool. It helps you collect, manage and prioritize feedback from your users. It has been heavely inspired by ("astuto", indeed, is the italian translation of the word "canny").


  • Collect and manage feedback
  • Create custom boards and statuses, to better organize feedback
  • Customize your roadmap, to let your users know what you're working on
  • Many more...


  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

You can install Docker Desktop which includes everything you need to run Astuto. If you are on Linux, you may instead install Docker Engine, Docker CLI and then install the Docker Compose Plugin.


DockerHub image (fastest, for production)

  1. Create an empty folder
  2. Inside that folder, create a docker-compose.yml file with the following content: ``` version: '3.4' services: db: image: postgres:14.5 environment: POSTGRES_USER: yourpostgresusername POSTGRES_PASSWORD: yourpostgrespassword volumes: - dbdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data web: image: riggraz/astuto:latest environment: POSTGRES_USER: yourpostgresusername POSTGRES_PASSWORD: yourpostgrespassword BASE_URL: SECRET_KEY_BASE: yoursecretkeybase ports: - "3000:3000" depends_on: - db

3. Edit the environment variables to fit your needs
4. Run
docker compose pull
5. Run
docker compose up
6. You should now have a running instance of Astuto on port 3000. A default user account has been created with credentials email:
[email protected], password:password`.

Note: if you are on Linux and you encounter permission denied errors when running Docker commands, try to run them as administrator.

GitHub repository (for development)

Note: this installation method is suggested for developers and contributors. If you just want to deploy your Astuto instance or try it out, we recommend to follow the above DockerHub installation instructions.

See contributing guidelines.


You are welcome to contribute:
* Read our contributing guidelines
* Join the Discord channel to get in touch

A huge thank you to all people who contributed: