Hi! I'm Josh. I really like open-source. It's not only good for the environment, but also a great learning tool.

When I was starting my Ruby on Rails journey in 2011, I attributed a lot of my good code to that of others. This was made possible by open-source projects.

I would visit OpenSourceRails.com almost daily, looking for inspiration and how other people wrote code. It was invaluable to me. However, like all good things, it has moved on.

After receiving the nod from Jacques Crocker, the original creator of OpenSourceRails.com, I created my own directory of open-source Rails projects with a small twist: a short synopsis and tagging. Thanks Jacques!

I'm an occasional writer of technical-ish stuff, and fraud, sometimes piracy, and sometimes pizza at www.josh.mn and I can be found on most places on the internet as joshmn.


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Credits and thanks

This was made possible by a lot of people.

Jacques Crocker

Jacques Crocker who created the original OpenSourceRails.com and gave me the go-ahead to work on his original idea.


Linode takes care of hosting (referral link that gets you $100 and I get $25). Their performance kicks the snot out of similar providers. Sign up using my referral link and get $100 credit, no joke.

Infrastructure management

HatchBox handles provisioning and deployment so I don't have to play devops (referral link that tells Chris I love him). HatchBox is a godsend to bootstrappers like me. Try it, you'll love it, and you'll have a hard time going back to Heroku!